Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Art Of Editing Portraits- Montreal Portrait Photographer Studio

Glamour portrait photography isn't your regular "shoot and go" style of photography.

I am not however talking about magazine style beauty or fashion photography either.
To me, a glamour make-over portrait session it is just in between both genres.

Your subject should look like any beautiful pro models you see in the magazine pages, but more closer to reality.

A client pays to experience the look of glamour.

I see often too many photographers go too far into their portrait editing. The faces start looking like plastic barbies. To find the middle ground, it is about expertise.

So, let me share with you how a shot comes of my camera and how it ends up as the final product. (shot with Lumix GH2, 14-140mm Lumix lens, with external Lumix flash with Gary Fong device) Very simple set-up. Nothing fancy.

It is just a head shot to be used for publications depicting a breast cancer survivor spokesperson. It is only an inviting friendly portrait where other woman will relate to.

Anna is still Anna. Her facial wrinkles are softened, and the dark circles under her eyee are gone.

Most of the time, dark circles can be corrected with make-up. But I just wanted to show you a true before and after shot.

To see it larger just click on it.

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