Saturday, October 5, 2013

3 Snakes, One Nude Ebony Beauty In Studio An Unusual Montreal Glamour Boudoir Portrait Session by Hera Bell

This was the third time for me. Having the pleasure in my studio Pat and his beautiful snakes and photographing them against a beautiful nude skin.

This week Tuesday Widline arrived to my studio around 11am. We right away started the make-up and hair styling process. It took me about an hour to finish that part of the task.

Pat arrived right at noon as promised. He brought 3 amazing snakes with him.

The entire session ended at 12.45pm. Yup. We wrapped up the session by that time.

Everything went smooth. We first introduced gently the first snake to Widline. Ivory which is a Ball Python from West Africa was a bit nervous. By the end of her session in Widline's arms she was completely at ease and relaxed. Voila few results with Ebony (Widline) & Ivory...

Then we  proceed with Saxon The Burmese Python from Asia. What a calm and magnificent creature he is. 8' long, gentile as ever, he discovered our scents with his tongue. They do not bite.

The last but not least Sahara was introduced to Widline. She is a Hog Island Boa constrictor. Totally spectacular and beautiful creature. Calm, gentle. At the end of the session Widline wanted to own her. My subjects bonded so well that it was totally magical in my studio that day.

One secret I can give you on how to photograph such animals with human subjects.

Direct your human subject first. Let the snake move around. Wait until you see the desired image and shapes, then click that shutter.


The Sneak Charmer by Hera Bell
Antoine Gaudi's building La Pedrera in Barcelona.

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