Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Beautiful Interacial Wedding In Montreal by Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

In 2007 September I was booked for a multicultural wedding. She was British, he was Indian. I was looking forward to capture a beautiful wedding in Montreal.

 The double ceremony was held at the Hindu Temple Mandir . The beautiful bride changed 3 times during the ceremony. Everyone was so stressed. But I managed to capture the core love that this bride and groom had towards each other.

 After the ceremony we moved to do some more photography at Stweart Hall In Pointe Claire  , Then to the reception at the end Karma restaurant which is now closed.

 Beautiful, colorful rich in culture... Here are few shots to give you an idea.

PS: I  accept new wedding contracts ONLY by referral and through few top wedding planners in Montreal. Weddings were never my main bread and butter in the photography business. I am a portrait photographer.

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