Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creating Old Fahion Vintage Photos In Photoshop... Montreal Portrait Studio Hera Bell

I am commissioned to create a very special wedding album which will look and feel 100 years old. The bride wore a very antique gown to the wedding. Everything represented the year 1913. It was held at an estate. Only 80 guests were invited. Everyone was dressed to fit the époque.
I am in this mood aroud these days editing over 700 images this way. Since I have no model release to share the images with you,, I tried the technique on a recent studio shot which I have a model release.
The subject was shot over a paper backdrop. The fur (background) was shot with cell phone. Then the texture was applied over...
Voila the elements.. Everything is possible... The wedding shots will not however have the dark texture. Therefore they will be less in darker mood and have more grain... To see what I mean please visit my other Blog post:

 Creating old fahion vintage style photos.
Let me present you... Organic Dreams...