Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Areal Landscape Photography From A Plane's Window- Montreal Photographer Hera Bell

Most of you who know us by now know that Anthony and I travel and we document our travels with actual photos and texts at our travel blog.

Anthony & Hera Travel Adventures

As for people who can't believe that my photography is real and is mine, well, all I can say, I have nothing to prove to unbelievers. Let them walk with their blinders and see only what they believe in and peruse with their rumors.

I am known to edit my work. Half of the art of photography is in the editing of your images, the other half is composing and using the light to your advantage. In the past, before digital era,  I used to print my images in my darkroom. Today Photoshop made it easier to achieve my artistic vision faster and easier.

I sometimes document the realty, much like in my travel photography. My colors are bold, sometimes saturated. But my travel photography are images as composed in my camera, not cropped... I usually travel with a Panasonic Lumix GH2 camera and Lumix lenses. I also capture images with my cell phone Samsung Galaxy SII. People who can't believe that great images can be shot with a cell phone, I welcome them to the new cell phone era. I produced 16"x20" size prints from my Galaxy SII.

The rumor has it that  The Galaxy S5 (which is not out yet) might have an image stabilizer.

In my fine art portrait works. I am known with my very realistic collages. However everything in my collages are shot by me. The backgrounds, locations and the people. Much like in this Blog post.

Creating A Collage

Let me show you how I shoot and edit my areal landscape shots from the plane's window behind a dirty glass. And how it ends up becoming what you see uploaded to my Blogs.